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Ny WordPress version 4.8 “Evans” ute

Posted on Jun 10, 2017 in Allmänt | one comment

Helt ny version av WordPress har lanserats och den har ett antal nya intressanta finesser och funktioner. Det har tillkommit fyra nya Widgets att använda: Bild Widget Lägga till en bild i en widget är nu en enkel uppgift som kan uppnås för alla WordPress-användare utan att behöva känna till koden. Lägg bara in din […]

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WordPress 4.2.2 is released with security patch and bugfixes

Posted on Maj 7, 2015 in Allmänt | one comment

WordPress has released a new version (again) and latest version is 4.2.2. This release has 13 bugfixes and a fix for the latest XSS vulerability fix. One important fix is the example.html file that WordPress provided in their three default themes Twentyfifteen, Twentyfourteen and Twentythirteen, containing the genericons package. That file can be used to […]

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Adobe under stor hackerattack

XSS vulnerability affecting WordPress plugins and themes

Posted on Maj 3, 2015 in Allmänt | no responses

Misunderstanding the use of WordPress functions add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() functions have made WordPress Plugins and Themes vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting (XSS). Which plugins and Themes that are affected are not clear but many common used plugins are affected. Up to now these plugins are affected: All In one SEO Broken-Link-Checker Download Monitor Give Google Analytics […]

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WordPress panic relases 4.2.1 after critical security flaw

Posted on Apr 27, 2015 in Allmänt | no responses

Just shortly after WordPress 4.2 was released a critical security flaw was discovered. WordPress 4.2.1 is now available for everyone to install. This is a critical security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. A few hours ago, the WordPress team was made aware of a cross-site […]

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